Due process in class action notice has long required "a desire to actually inform." Despite this, courts are increasingly concerned that notices have gone, or will go, unnoticed or misunderstood. When presented with a stipulated notice proposal, courts may wonder: Are there disincentives for the parties to provide effective notice? Did bidding vendors arrive at the "best practicable" notice plan, or the least that would be acceptable?

The Hilsee Group LLC serves courts, special masters, and lawyers as a neutral class action notice expert and bankruptcy notice expert. An independent voice for effective notice and due process, The Hilsee Group is not paid to administer notice programs.  With experience and impartiality, The Hilsee Group helps courts ensure that satisfactory notice is afforded to class members, claimants, or others affected by legal notifications in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

As a neutral expert not involved in notice plan design or implementation, The Hilsee Group provides analysis/independent testimony on the adequacy of the notice effort--which is particularly critical before money and time are spent to disseminate notice, and/or before a settlement is finally approved.

Todd. B Hilsee Bio Barb C. Hilsee Bio
I was interested in your thoughts on how the rule itself that we\\\'ve proposed could better support the creation of those or the insistence on those kinds of notices . . . Judge Lee Rosenthal
Advisory Committee on Civil Rules of the Judicial Conference of the United States
[W]e collectively appreciate your working with the Federal Judicial Center to improve the quality of the model notices . . . Judge Lee Rosenthal
Advisory Committee on Civil Rules of the Judicial Conference of the United States
. . .Mr. Hilsee is a highly-regarded Notice Expert, and has provided thoughtful, scientific, carefully researched and detailed reports, analyses. . . Judge M. Joseph Tiemann
Louisiana Civil District Court, Orleans Parish
[T]he Court . . . of course has recognized the testimony of Todd Hilsee. . . an expert in this particular field . . . Judge Kirk D. Johnson
Circuit Court of Arkansas
Hilsee was accepted by the Court as a qualified class notice expert . . . He testified at the Fairness Hearing, and his affidavit was also considered by the Court . . . Judge Michael Maloan
Tennessee Chancery Court
I accept the expert testimony conclusions of Mr. Todd Hilsee . . . Judge Jerome E. Lebarre
Circuit Court of Oregon
The Court will so accept [Mr. Hilsee as an expert] on issues of the content and dissemination of legal notices, including Class Action Notices and notice campaigns . . . Judge Robert Wyatt
14th Judicial District, Calcasieu Parish, Louisianna
[A] comprehensive affidavit outlining the effectiveness of its proposed method of providing notice . . . (See Affidavit of Todd B. Hilsee on Ability to Provide Multi-National Notice . . . Judge Richard J. Holwell
Southern District of New York
[Plaintiff's] notice expert, Todd Hilsee, opined that their plan will reach 84.8% of the class members . . . Judge Louis J. Farina
Common Pleas of Pennsylvania
The expert, Todd B. Hilsee, is found to be reliable and credible. Judge Robert E. Payne
Eastern District of Virginia
[A]s described in extensive detail in the Affidavit of Todd B. Hilsee on Design Implementation and Analysis of Settlement Notice Program . . . is found to be the best notice practicable . . . Judge John R. Padova
Eastern District of Pennsylvania
As Mr. Hilsee explained in his supplemental affidavit, the adequacy of notice is measured by whether notice reached Class Members and gave them an opportunity to participate . . . Judge Joseph R. Goodwin
Northern District of Illinois
. . .Todd Hilsee, an expert recognized by courts in Canada and the United States in respect of the design of class action notice programs . . . Madame Justice Joan L. Lax
Ontario Superior Court
Hilsee . . . has served as a notice expert in more than 175 class action cases, including In re Holocaust Victims Assets Litig. . . Judge Richard G. Stearns
District of Massachusetts
Based upon testimony of the class notice expert, Todd Hilsee . . . Judge F. Pat VerSteeg
Oklahoma District Court, Custer County
Todd has definitely developed an entertaining and informative presentation on effective notice . . . Darren E. Baylor
Associate Director,
American Bar Association Center for Continuing Legal Education
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